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Monday, January 18, 2010

Tribute to My Daddy, Part IV

 Hey, it's good to be back home again...

Part III of my dad's story: BACK HOME
To Everyone:
FYI - I'm back in Midland and in pretty good shape.  I talked Teri into letting me come to the office for a few hours.  She is on the way to get me now.  But first, I thought I would provide a brief update on my situation.   

Your thoughts, prayers, encouragement, care packages, cards, uplifting music gifts, and overall support really lifted me up.    I really felt God holding my shaky little hand. Thank you so much. 

I guess I was Dr. Kuhn's 91st person to undergo his cutting edge "shake and bake" procedure.  It apparently went off without a hitch.  It took seven hours, but the doctor was confident that what he took out, though widespread, did not look malignant.  Now we know, on Friday, the 16th, Dr. Kuhn had me come to his office between his surgeries and went over the pathology reports.  He cut out nine different pieces of me, including my appendix, appendix tumor, liver tumor. part of colon, part of small intestine, perineum sections, etc.   All nine pieces came back "not malignant"!   So, he cut out all the obvious problem areas and then his team heated the Chemo to almost boiling, then filled my abdomen with it, sewed it up, and then shook my body for 2 to 3 hours.  This "gargling" effect is meant to kill all the microscopic cancer seeds that get spread when these type tumors burst and spread their eventually-lethal gel and cells over all the other organ surfaces in the abdomen. 

Of all his patients, no one has ever been released from the hospital in six days.  It is usually ten days.  After six days, I was able to leave the hospital and move to a more comfortable hotel to begin the healing process.  He said the reason was that I came in healthy, did my breathing and walking exercises religiously and did not take all my morphine.  I refused to take any morphine the last two and half days.  This allowed my bowels to wake up, which is a prerequisite to getting out of there.  The pain was immense, but I thought the trade off was worth it. 

The doctor wants me to heal and then go as soon as possible to see a local cancer doctor to consider taking a round of Chemotherapy.  He said maybe a once a week treatment every three weeks for six sessions would add another layer of security that this will never come Back. 

I am supposed to be weak and nauseous and in pain for 30 more days.  I plan to cut that in half, God-willing.  I lost 15 pounds and do feel weak and pain, but that cost is nothing compared to the positive outcome that our Lord has provided. 

I will phase in more time at work as I gain strength, but I better not push it too much for a while. 

Thanks again for your support. 


Now you have it!  That's my dad's story and it was all for God's glory!  He used the scare of death and cancer to change my dad's life in a really, really good way.  Many, many people that know and love my dad benefit  from his transformation (ABC...123!).  

We are grateful Pop is still with us here on earth.  Do you remember his 2007 motto, "Wherever I am, be there?"  My dad is carrying this one forward even today!  He is more relaxed, more at peace, and more free than I have ever seen him in his life.  Praise the Lord!

I LOVE the pics on this post because I LOVE my dad's smile.  It is the smile of a man who has been changed by the Lord for the very BEST.  We used to joke that my dad could never smile in the pictures--well, he can now.  Hey, it's SO good to have Dad back home again!

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