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Thursday, January 28, 2010

V is for Very Creative

V is for Very Creative
Our David has always had quite the imagination!  God has gifted him with Creative ability that manifests itself in many ways.  From coloring, drawing, and storytelling, to building, innovating, and dressing up, David is quite a inventive! 

Believe it or not, David has not always believed he was good at creating things.  While it is good to be humble, we should still be God-confident in the abilities that He has given us.  Afterall, His Word does tell us we are "fearfully and wonderfully made"! 

One day God made David's lack of confidence in his ability to create apparent to me.  I prayed to the Lord for wisdom to know how to encourage him.  The answer came to me...Highlights!  I showed him a picture in the Children's Highlights magazine that a student had submitted for publication.  It was called, "The Oak Hotel".  I dared David to copy it on a blank sheet of paper.  He did!  Actually, it took up three sheets of paper, which he taped together vertically and hung on our fridge for months. 

That was a turning point for our sweet David.  His God-confidence grew.  Soon he began copying all types of pictures.  Before long he was attempting to make his own drawings.  Next thing he was drawing, building, and innovating all kinds of things!  We are thankful for all the many opportunities God has given us to help train David's thinking in this area.  God is at work in David's life and we praise Him for caring for us as individuals!

Now David makes us laugh and smile with all the wild things that he dreams up.  Not to mention, he is also a really swell paper airplane maker, too!  His attention to detail and focus-ability helps him to learn the folds, I think. 

Awhile back, David's Great Granpda Al and Grandma Sue brought him a paper airplane making kit when they came to visit us.  David followed the directions in the book and learned how to make several different types of paper airplanes. 

One day he kept his little sister, Rachel, entertained for 30 minutes while he made a plethora of Post-it note paper airplanes and flew them for her.  You can see from the cute picture of Rachel (in her Christmas Poinsettia bow) how happy she is about David's paper airplanes made with love for her.

Thank you, Lord, for our very creative son, David.  May you bless the work of his hands and always help him to use the creativity you gave him for your glory and honor.  Amen.

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