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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Miss Rachel!

Wait we did, but WORTH IT you are, little Miss Rachel Lee Cochran!

Our precious little girl, Rachel Lee Cochran, made her grand entry into the world one year ago today.  Waiting an extra (from a human perspective) 10 days PAST her "due date" and less than three hours past her big brother, David's, 1st baseball practice, Rachel was born on February 25, 2009.  She arrived at God's scheduled time of 9:29 pm.  She weighed in at 7 lbs. 3.5 oz and was 19 inches long. 

Her big brothers were in the care of her Uncle Ryan and Aunt Angela when the big event occurred.  Her Mimi and Gigi (and Daddy of course) attended her birth.  Rachel's Bebe, Aunt Jenn, and Uncle Shaun were among her first special visitors at the Austin Area Birthing CenterEarly the next morning she was joined by her loving and adoring brothers, Uncle Ryan, Aunt Angela, cousins (Anna and Abigail), and later her Papa Cochran and Great Gram. 

Now it is hard to believe that an entire year has FLOWN by and we're celebrating Rachel's 1st birthday.  I think she has enjoyed the attention as she has given us plenty of wrinkled nose smiles and clapped her hands to all the singing!  Happy Birthday just may become a theme song around the Lee Cochran household!  We've certainly sung it a number of times!

I mentioned that my parents planned a visit to see the Lee Cochrans early this week.  Here are some photos we took of the early 1st Birthday celebration we had for Miss Rachel.  We enjoyed a nice dinner of Sockeye Salmon Stuffed Poblano Peppers with Black Beans.  They were so tasty as well as some homemade "Best Chocolate Cupcakes" with Mommy's favorite Mocha Buttercream Frosting.   MMMMMmmmm!

Pop and Mimi celebrated Rachel's 1st B-day with us!


        David and Rachel waving, "Hi!"                      Rachel smelling her Valentine rose from Daddy
Mommy making memories with Miss Rachel!

Here are some precious pictures of Miss Rachel!

Rachel checking out her 1st B-day shoes and clothes from Bebe and Gram!

Rachel is still quite young, but here are some traits that we've been able to observe in her already.

Amazed by her brothers

Rachel is a researcher.  She very thoughtfully watches and observes everyone and everything.  She seems to 'take it all in' and think about it (at least as much as a little one can think about something).
Rachel is absolutely amazed by her big brothers.  Matthew, David, and Samuel have seriously captivated their little sister.  She has a unique relationship with each one of them.  She ADORES them and they feel the same way about her.  She follows them around, anticipates their games, tries anything to get their attention, mimics them, and laughs hysterically at their simplest gestures (like a head nod, silly sound, or funny look).

Rachel is quite a compassionate little girl.  She does not like to see others cry.  Even if a certain big brother is crying for a spanking he received for handling her too roughly, she will attentively comfort him with sweet, motherly "pat pats".  Speaking of these, she LOVES her baby dolls already and gives them several "pat pats" and kisses every day.

Rachel is a helper.  She likes to help with lots of throwing every piece of clean laundry in the process of being folded onto the ground...or emptying any cabinet Mommy will let her open and touch its contents...or eating the UFO's off the kitchen floor (NOTE: in the Lee Cochran household UFO stands for Unidentifiable Food Object)...loading/unloading silverware from Mommy's dishwasher...or "baptizing" Samuel's shoes or underwear in the bathtub...or cleaning Mommy's floor with spit-up...

Rachel is quite the explorer!  Part of her research-fulness is checking EVERYTHING out.  How does it feel? She's very into textiles and touches everything softly with one tiny little finger.  How does it taste?  Self explanatory.  :)  How does it sound?  Can it be used as a phone?  Oh how this little girl already loves the phone!  Perhaps Rachel's very favorite spot to check out...a very close second is the Mommy's pantry.  She can spend a good 30 minutes checking out the pantry items...if only she could figure out how to open those fruit snacks!!!  The oatmeal is a cinch...but unfortunately it is a "No touch!"  :)

Rachel is a very loving little girl.  The older she gets, the more loving she becomes.  Rachel LOVES her Daddy.  She loves her brothers.  She loves the women in her life (like her Mommy, her grandmothers (and great grandmothers), and her aunts).  Rachel will supply them with generous hugs and snuggles.  Miss Rachel is a very special girl!

Well, I hope you enjoyed all these photos of Miss Rachel for those of you who asked for more pics of her!  :)  It is a joy and a blessing to sit here and reflect on God's blessing of Miss Rachel--a very welcome mix-up for the Lee Cochran Family!

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