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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The M's of a FruitLESS and FruitFULL Marriage


Reminder: These ABC's of a FruitLESS or FruitFULL marriage are intended to be fun and though-provoking not "gospel" or absolute.  I think they are useful for providing visible contrasts in our behavior and can help spotlight areas that we are doing well in (or need improvement in) our marriages.

M is for MANIPULATING     the action of rearranging situations and circumstances to better suit one for the purpose of achieving or obtaining what one wants for oneself

Genesis 3:16
 16 To the woman he said,
       "I will greatly increase your pains in childbearing;
       with pain you will give birth to children.
       Your desire will be for your husband,
       and he will rule over you."

I looked up "desire" in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance and found that the Hebrew word for this means:
  • "to run after or over" (like overflowing water)
  • stretching out after
  • a longing; desire
Desire here is not a sexual longing.  Rather it is one of the pursuit of control over one's spouse.  I think we could pretty accurately denote "manipulation" as a synonym to this word.

Here are four Methods of Manipulation that come to my mind.  There may be more, but as I said, these methods come to my mind.  Women can easily use our 1) Emotions, 2) Beauty and Sex, 3) Words, and 4) Actions/Rearranging Circumstances to manipulate our husbands.  See below for the stories of women in the Bible who provide us with examples of these!   

Some Manipulation Methods:
Emotions Samson and Delilah
Beauty and Sex Tamar and Judah
Words Jacob, Rachel, and Leah
Rearranging Circumstances Isaac and Rebekah

M is for MIXING     the action of talking with one’s spouse and discussing what is going on in each other’s hearts and lives; also called communicating 

Perhaps when we choose to manipulate our husbands for one reason or another, what we are really DESIRING is a little bit of MIXING?  What if what we really want to achieve is a little down time with our husbands so we can connect and share what is going on in our hearts and minds?

We have said it many times.  Manners and methods matter!  So, let's remember to communicate with our husbands.  Let's mix with them and mix it up!  When I'm in need of some "mixing" with my man, I prefer to serve it up with a warm something and and the sweetness of chocolate.  Let's mix!

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