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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth of July Family "Leaves" a Legacy, Part II

Our Family Tree with “Leaves” of Legacy
By: Shannon Lee Cochran, 6/26/2010

In preparation for our upcoming Cochran, extended family reunion, I spent time reflecting on the meaning of a family. What makes a family? What makes a family grow? What heritage may a family pass on to future descendants? Certainly, plentiful branches on a family tree earmark God’s blessing, for life is a gift from the Lord! Nevertheless, numerous knots of imperfection and dysfunction gnarl it. However, hope remains, because abundant buds spring forth the promise of new life, growth, and future of the family. We CHOOSE today how to nourish our family tree. What fertilizer we spread out now significantly determines the health of our tree. Therefore, let us commit to cultivate “leaves” of legacy.

What is growing on our family tree,
Whose branches date back their genealogy,
And roots seep deep to drink so fluidly?
Why, dare I say “leaves” of legacy, I see?

First, let us consider what makes life grow.
Required: good soil, sun, and water, I know.
Surely, seed planting, watering, and pruning show
New growth and change as the harvest goes.

But just as a flower blooms, so lovely,
Or succulent fruit, so plump and sweet,
Petal or seed falls down, ground to meet;
And the cycle of life does naturally repeat.

Yet deep within stirrings of hope churn.
Fathers of faith and prayer cause hearts to burn.
Memorable mothers teach and we still learn.
Fruitless ways and deeds we choose to spurn.

For the Master Gardener, Himself, tends this family.
Deep roots in the eternal word—ground us steadily.
Living water streams convict, teach, and guide us limitlessly.
Light from the Son frees our spirit to grow so readily.

So, yes, I dare say “leaves of legacy” we grow,
Passing eternal truth and examples to descendants that follow.
Numerous we are; that is God’s blessing, I know.
So, we choose to commit “leaving” this legacy, continuously so.

What is YOUR legacy? Write and tell me! :)

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