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Monday, September 27, 2010

Tell them the Truth, Part II (guest post)

Today, I invite you to read a guest post from Mary DeMuth titled, Since when is the Bible safe? Mary gave me permission to share her post here. I find her topic quite intriguing, especially in light of our discussion about men, women, AND CHILDREN gathering together to hear God's word read aloud to them.

Yesterday I posted about what I read in the ESV Study Bible. While I was on the Amazon page, I saw that the bible got a one-star review. Since I’m a masochist and read my own one-star reviews, I clicked over to see how in the world someone could give the Bible such a low rating. The reviewer wrote:

“Some paces (sic) were violent and even sexual in nature, I was led to believe this version was going to make the bible more kid friendly, I was wrong.”

Um yeah? Since when has any version of the Bible, right down to the original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic, ever safe? Noah’s flood isn’t exactly a heartening tale, yet we oddly decorate our church nurseries with the big boat and happy animals (never showing the waves and drowning people gasping for breath.) The Bible is a dynamic, scary, amazing, freaky story about a holy God and a sinful society, and with that sin comes all sorts of things: sex outside of marriage in various forms, murders, thefts, swindlers, betrayal, scheming, violence. Why? Because it represents reality.

No, the Bible will never be safe. But it’s precisely it’s authenticity that helps us see how powerful God’s redemptive plan was. Imagine being God, then slipping into the clothes of humanity, experiencing tragedy, gossip, plotting, hatred and misunderstanding, yet still loving the very people who mud-slung pain your way. Imagine going one step further, by choosing to die for all that filthy sin by taking it on yourself, dying an excruciating death. Then raising to life again, conquering the biggest fear of man: death.

No, the Bible is unsafe. But it’s real. And I’m thankful for that.
Next time I will share my reply to her post as Part III of this series, Tell them the Truth. Share your thoughts on this!
I'd love to hear them.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Babs!
    I think that is the problem. So many people want to protect their kids from violence, and tragedy and be so "PC" that they miss the point. Or rather, the devil has them exactly where he wants them to be - too worried and "scared" to talk about the real, deep, tough stuff. So we stick to the fluffy things and never really grow. Glad you shared this!