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Monday, December 6, 2010

Humble Beginnings Result in Life-Changing Endings: A poem of humility that altered His-story

Quiet ponderings in the stillness of a Sunday afternoon prompt questions and evoke emotions, strong. I wonder. I wander. I pray. I listen. This is what I hear from the depths of my spirit.

Thank you, Lord for quiet. It must be scheduled, it seems, unless you enforce it through sickness! Humility comes before honor. You oppose the proud, but give grace to the humble. May we abound in YOUR grace, Lord, for humble beginnings result in life-changing endings. In Jesus' name  pray, Amen.

What about that virgin bride?
Miracle of God in her, hidden inside.
Her willing womb, your servant be
Bearer of life for you and me.
This humble offering to the God of love:
A place to carry her God above.
Yet, so humble, lowly a beginning,
To save desperate men and women bent on sinning.

What type of man would stick by her side,
A willing women and atypical bride?
Though mocking, cursing, murmuring they’d received,
But, behold the miracle, Mary and Joseph believed.
The story was theirs, man could not steal
The knowledge they shared, this story was real.
Mary was a virgin overshadowed by God.
Joseph just the earthly father of the Son of God.

Behold, those two in cave-tomb’s night
A tiny baby and holy fright.
Could she have known the magnitude?
Was she filled with gratitude?
Oh how humbling to diaper God.
To change Her Savior’s tiny ephod.
To nurse the word, “And it was so.”
Creator of all, yet she watched Him grow.

Let us hold fast to your miracle, the Christmas babe.
Who came not to stay, but for our souls to save.
A child of purpose, of promise for you and me
To buy freedom from death for all who believe.
Grant us willing hearts like Mary,
To follow you exactly, even when it’s scary.
Work out your purposes and promises for your glory.
As we proclaim your truth and life-changing HIS-story.

How is His-story being written through your humility?

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