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Monday, December 20, 2010

Interruptions: Not IF, but HOW to respond WHEN

Valley of Mt. Redcloud, near Lake City, CO

We've been talking about interruptions--or plan interjectors that divide our thoughts, steps, and speech. Sometimes the question is not IF we will be interrupted, but HOW we will respond to the interruption WHEN it occurs... 

Breaking in a 400-year silence from the days of Nehemiah...a Divine interruption interjected itself between two young lovers-to-be who had forthcoming plans to get married. That was, of course, after another Divine interruption had opened the womb of an aging, barren woman, and closed the mouth of her doubting husband. An emperor's decree that a census be taken also interrupted many lives, requiring the masses to journey back to their hometown to be counted. Yet, these interruptions reflect an unfolding of events prophesied long ago...a Divine Rescue Plan...set in motion when a man and woman chose wrongly in Eden's Garden, causing sin to break and enter the world.

Rachel's chosen response: "Get me outta here!"

How did these characters respond to their interruptions?

Zechariah...wondered how he could be sure he and his aging wife would conceive this son, John.
Mary...wondered how a virgin could conceive, but willingly submitted to God' plan for her.
Joseph...gave up plans to divorce Mary, & trusted God's plan for him to marry Mary & parent Jesus.
Elizabeth...prophesied, praised, and rejoiced with Mary, who believed in the Almighty God's power.
Mary...believed, humbly served, glorified in & rejoiced in her God & Savior, remembered His plan. he traveled to Bethlehem with expectant Mary in company to be counted. she traveled to Bethlehem with her future husband, Joseph, to be counted.

When the Lord interrupts us, we will be wise to respond in obedience to Him.

Yes, we may wonder. Zechariah did. So did Mary.
Nevertheless, if we stop at wonder we question the sovereignty and ability of the Almighty.
Mary wondered. But she willingly submitted to God's plan.
Giving up. Giving up our plans.
Trusting. Trusting God's plans.
That's what Joseph did. He must have wondered, too. But he didn't stop there. He obeyed God's word.
Prophesy! Praise! Rejoice! BELIEVE!
BELIEVE! Serve humbly!
Glorify, rejoice in, and REMEMBER God's Divine Rescue Plan.
For me. For you. For EVERYONE who will BELIEVE in Jesus' name.
Then travel.
Like Joseph.
Like Mary.
When called (even if interrupted).
GO for Him. For Jesus. The Divine Interruption that came to SEEK and SAVE that which was lost. Lost Me. Lost You. Lost Everyone.

But, I have BELIEVED. Have you?

How will you respond to The Divine Interruption today?

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