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Welcome to my blog: Today's Lady Virtue. This site is for women--wives, mothers, singles, widows, family, friends, etc.! My heart is to share loving encouragement coupled with timeless truths from God's Word, the Bible, to enlighten, uplift, and empower women of today. At Today's Lady Virtue we're about "Reclaiming Virtuous Womanhood today the Time-tested Way!" Here you will find a variety of posts from poems, to "Put into Practice" principles, to pictures and more! I invite you to voyage with me on the quest to become Today's Lady Virtue.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What Makes our House a Home: Traditions – Ties that Bind

“What? We’re not playing March Madness?” Stomp, stomp, stomp upstairs he went. I walked into the conversation just as Daddy called out to our son, “You’re not pouting are you?” A puzzled look on my face and a bear-hug around a heap of dirty laundry, I caught my husband’s reply to me as I walked through the study, “I didn’t know March Madness was such a big deal to him when I decided against playing it this year.” “I don’t think March Madness is actually THAT important to him—it’s more the tradition of playing it together as a family that upset him,” I responded over my shoulder en route to the laundry room.

Traditions. Ties that bind. Not just reserved for special events or holidays (such as Birthdays or Christmas), traditions act as glue. They bond a family together. They unite hearts. Traditions stake memories in our mental bank, and remind us to have fun, to join with others in fellowship, and that we’re part of something bigger than ourselves.

Think TEAM. Together Everyone Achieves More.

Or perhaps in this case: TEAM stands for Traditions Etch Awesome Memories for our family.

One of the coolest thoughts about traditions is that they differ from household to household. My family isn’t EXACTLY like yours, nor is yours a carbon copy of mine. However, when we share our traditions, we trade ideas. We offer new perspectives that we wouldn’t otherwise have because our personalities, life experiences, family dynamics, and circumstances are unique.

Sometimes we may become inspired or motivated when we hear of each other’s family traditions. We may desire to try something new or tweak an existing tradition. Maybe even the thought of traditions will remind us of something we used to do and loved, but have gotten out of the habit of doing. Regardless, I believe we’ll be blessed by sharing some of our family traditions with one another.

Here are ten of our Family Traditions that keep my family tight:

1) Saturday Morning Breakfast

2) Sunday afternoon naps for the family

3) Yearly Christmas ornament for each of our kids

4) Birthday boy/girl gets to choose what type of cake/dessert Mommy will make them

5) Bedtime playing then praying

7) Saturday family Bible study

8) March Madness pick ‘ems;

9) Weekend in College Station for Aggie Maroon v. White game, Freebird’s, Grace Bible Church, & Coin Show

10) Annual family campouts, and a few other family trips with our extended family
Just so you know ‘the rest of the story’…This morning at breakfast a Username and Password was given. Certain eligible family members (i.e., those aged 3 and up) peered at a computer screen and entered selections for East, Southwest, West, and Southeast brackets. Yep. We’ve gone mad around here…March Mad…all for the sake of, well, tradition!

Now, friends, we’re not huge basketball fans at all. Nope. Occasionally we turn on an Aggie basketball game this time of year. Nevertheless, we’ll turn our TV on this month and watch part of a few games. We’ll scratch through our losses and poke fun at each other for theirs. It'll be in good humor, fun, and for the sake of keeping family traditions alive. They keep us laughing and having fun, give us something to enjoy together, and will unite our family TEAM, for Traditions Etch Awesome Memories !

Share some of the traditions that keep your family tight!


  1. Great post, Shannon. One of our family traditions is/was (the grown kids are passing it on) our dinner time routine. We had dinner together every evening--rarely missed. We open with prayer and scripture reading, lively family discussions, then close with prayer. No one is allowed to be excused until Dad closes with prayer. This made for a very peaceful dinner time.

  2. Carla, Thanks for sharing your family dinner tradition with us! I love it that you and Tim 1) made it a priority, 2) were intentional about making your conversation Christ-centered and meaningful, and 3) that the Lord has allowed you to see the fruit of your labor as the tradition has continued to the next generation! "This made for a very peaceful dinner time." What more can a Mama ask for? Love in Christ, Shannon :)