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Monday, April 11, 2011

What Makes our House a Home: Quiet Hours - Rest for the Soul

"Quiet Hours" play part in making our house a home. Naptime. Non-clingy/needy, be independent unless you need my help in school time. Ahhh, 2-3 hours of "sssshhhh" around here time. Heart, soul, mind, and strength restoring, "Quiet Hours." And that is what they (often) are.

What commences during the afternoon calm?

Tandem naps for our three under age 4
Prep cooking for dinner
Homeschool "Help Sessions"
Administration (Giving "orders", phone calls, follow-up)
Writing my book (on pause till summer)
Cleansing breaths
Servant Team fulfilling "orders"
Quiet play/reading for "free" students

Pamper and swaddle the baby. Kiss his soft brow and chubby cheeks. Savor his fuzzy head on my face like a peach. Rock my baby girl a few minutes while she snuggles her pink, plush blanket. I recite the fruit of the Spirit; meanwhile, she fills in the blanks, "joy" and self "troll." Their older bro takes himself to the bathroom, then gathers the latest animals or Lego guys to sleep with. "Mommy, will you yay wif me for a wittle while?" he invites me. So, I take the opportunity to rest a bit. We cuddle. I get to "yay on his yion piyyow." We talk some and he may tell me a story.

Last door shuts. Restoration continues (savoring, sitting, and laying down do provide refreshment!). Each day looks a little different, but produces the same result. Peace in my heart. Ahhh, a little bit of quiet. A tiny bit of still. Thankfulness. Joy.

I love quiet hours. I need them. My kids need them--even the non-nappers. I am learning to pray this for me and my family during our “quiet hours.”

Lord, will you help me and my children to LOVE the quiet? Instruct our hearts in the stillness of this time. Help us hear your whispers, Lord. In Jesus' name I pray, AMEN.

Sisters, I echo that prayer for you and your family. May your souls be refreshed IN THE QUIET.

Do you have a quiet period in your home?
Share what it looks like in your home.
If not, what goals/ideas would you like to institute to create some calm in your home?

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