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Welcome to my blog: Today's Lady Virtue. This site is for women--wives, mothers, singles, widows, family, friends, etc.! My heart is to share loving encouragement coupled with timeless truths from God's Word, the Bible, to enlighten, uplift, and empower women of today. At Today's Lady Virtue we're about "Reclaiming Virtuous Womanhood today the Time-tested Way!" Here you will find a variety of posts from poems, to "Put into Practice" principles, to pictures and more! I invite you to voyage with me on the quest to become Today's Lady Virtue.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wrestling Conflict: What to Say? What to Do?

Conflict. Something's on my heart, bothering me. I don't want to be mistaken. I don't want to read more into the situation than actually exists. And I don't want to disrupt the flow of peace or risk damaging friendships because I care about my friends!

But still...there's something I see that could possibly help these ladies I love. If only I had courage--a lion's heart to express what I feel, to tell what I know, to offer truth that can change everything about one of the most important issues for women--for my dear friends! What should I do? What should I say? Or should I even say it at all?

Ever struggled with relational conflict? Have you ever wrestled your thoughts--body slammed certain wrong actions and positioned yourself to pin down exactly the right words to say? Your goal is not to become the Heavyweight Champion of your relational world and you don't want to knock your friend out. Yet, you still have something to say...

BUT GOD says,

"Instruct a wise man and he will be wiser still;
teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning." Proverbs 9:9

Why will this person accept the teaching? Proverbs 9:10 answers because, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding." The wise man will listen to the wrestler's thoughts because he esteems God above all else. If the wrestler pins down God's words, then he doesn't have to worry about the outcome of the match because the "opponent" in the ring is really a friend--a friend of God. Besides, God says, "An honest answer is like a kiss on the lips" (Proverbs 24:26).

My question to you: What will you do with God's honest words? He has given you them complete--Genesis to Revelation. God says "His divine power has given [you] everything [you] need for life and godliness according to the knowledge of Him" (2 Peter 1:3).

I will tell you I felt like that wrestler this summer. Sense conflict? Yes. Observe relationship struggles? Clear. Add in, God has given me a message to help women. I'm writing it in a book. I'm developing a website, too. Got Courage? God, give me a lion's heart! What to say and how to say it, that is the question.

I was in conflict, but God told ME the truth like a lion--"Go now to your sisters, my more-than-rubies masterpiece, many of whom are far away from Me now--and SAY it. Some will listen, others will not, but you need to share this message from my heart to my masterpiece."

And I fear God, so I will.

Lord God in heaven, we wrestle with our thoughts. We don't want conflict in relationships, yet truth does present a choice. So I pray that we would always fall before you first--ask you to teach and change our own selves before we go off to transform others. May you keep us in a continual state of asking you, seeking you, and knocking on the gates of heaven, "Lord, speak to us!" In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.

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